League: 2 | Tournament: 1
The last Battle Box came and went, fun times were had by all, but that was then and this is now. We kept a few decks in the mix from the previous Battle Box, such as Eldrazi Reanimator and Selesnya Metalcraft, however most of this Battle Box is made up of decks that we hadn't played much and wanted to take for a test drive. Midlife Orzhov and Dragon Delve were two decks that seemed like lots of fun, and Midlife Orzhov definitely was. I'd played plenty of Defender Combo and Grixis Metalcraft and we were very interested to see how they'd stack up against a wide variety of decks and strategies. Ultimately, Grixis Metalcraft fought through to eternal glory!

What happens next?
After each tournament, sideboards will be adjusted and we begin again! After 3 tournaments, the league ends and different decks are dropped in. More details here.

Match Notes
Match #1 - Game 1 - Eldrazi Reanimator led with a Turn 2 Ulamog's Crusher, GG. Game 2 - Eldrazi Reanimator was able to get Ulamog's Crusher down on Turn 4, Defender Combo had everything in place apart from Freed From the Reel. Deep Analysis once from the hand and once from the graveyard only produced more lands.
Match #2 - Midlife Orzhov had plenty of removal to handle the few Delve creatures that were popped out. Unmake, Journey to Nowhere, and Diabolic Edict at Instant speed gave Midlife Orzhov the easy win.
Match #3 - Though Selesnya Metalcraft had strong starts with Vault Skirge + Bonesplitter and Kor Skyfisher + Rosethorn Halberd, Gruul Madness simply found removal faster than Selesnya Metalcraft could find more creatures.
Match #4 - This is an interesting matchup as both decks want to control the board until they find their Archaeomancer + Ghostly Flicker lock. Game 1 Dimir Rat Lock found it faster while Grixis Metalcraft had 2x Bleak Coven Vampires in hand and 1 Black mana source on the board. Games 2 & 3 Galvanic Blast and Firebolt kept Chittering Rats off the board before Dimir Rat Lock could find enough open mana.
Match #5 - It was tough for Dragon Delve to break through those Defenders.
Match #6 - Game 1 - Selesnya Metalcraft led with Ancient Den, Court Homunculus, Tree of Tales, Rancor + Bonesplitter while Dimir Rat Lock cycled a land and played Dimir Aqueduct. Scoop. Game 2 - Dimir Rat Lock had a couple of Chainer's Edict in hand to start, however it was just too slow compared to Ardent Recruit + Bonesplitter and Carapace Forger + Rancor.
Match #7 - Both games, Midlife Orzhov smashed face while holding on to Diabolic Edict for any big creatures coming back from the yard.
Match #8 - Game 1 - Gruul Madness was able to use Lightning Axe and Fiery Temper to keep the ground clear for Gathan Raiders and Reckless Wurm to get through. Games 2 & 3 - Grixis Metalcraft found plenty of removal in Terminate, Chainer's Edict, and Galvanic Blast to keep the Madness creatures off the board long enough to find Bleak Coven Vampires and cycle through its combo.
Match #9 - Game 1 - Turn 4 Eldrazi Reanimator used Exhume to bring Ulamog's Crusher back, however this allowed Mulldrifter to ETB for Defender Combo which found Freed from the Real to seal the deal. Game 2 - Defender Combo kept a 2 land hand and didn't draw more land until turn 5. Eldrazi Reanimator Exhumed Gurmag Angler + Dragon's Breath on Turn 2. Ouch. Game 3 - Eldrazi Reanimator couldn't find Exhume until Turn 5, at which point Defender Combo had assembled and done its thing.
Match #10 - Game 1 - Vault Skirge + 2x Rosethorn Halberd. Scoop. Game 2 - Gruul Madness got Bloodmad Vampire down on Turn 3, cleared the board and kept it empty with Lightning Bolt and Savage Swipe. Game 3 - Gruul Madness started flooding on Turn 4 and couldn't find anything to deal with Kor Skyfisher + Rancor.
Match #11 - Game 1 - In a battle of the midgame, Grixis Metalcraft was able to play 3x Bleak Coven Vampires to get the win. Game 2 - Midlife Orzhov was stuck on the Plains for most of the early game while Grixis Metalcraft found plenty of answers via multiple Thoughtcast.
Match #12 - Game 1 - Vault Skirge + 2x Rancor was doing work and got Defender Combo down to 3 life, however Defender Combo found its pieces on the last possible turn and got it done. Game 2 - Glint Hawk + 2X Rosethorn Halberd and Vault Skirge + Rancor = scoop. Game 3 - Selesnya Metalcraft had a hard time getting Court Homunculus and Ardent Recruit past Shield Sphere and Wall of Roots. Defender Combo had plenty of time to assemble and destroy.
Match #13 - Game 1 - Midlide Orzhov was able to slow down Defender Combo via Journey to Nowhere on Axebane Guardian and used Gift of Orzhov on Nightsky Mimic to evade the defenders and get in. Game 2 - Turn 3 Kingpin's Pet, Turn 4 2x Edge of Divinity attack for 7 with Flying, Turn 5 Gift of Orzhova + 3rd Edge of Divinity, attack for 12 Flying Lifelink. GG.
Match #14 - It's match 11 all over again! Game 1 - Grixis Metalcraft drew through 35 cards to keep searching for its pieces to get the soft lock. Midlife Orzhov drew plenty of answers in Journey to Nowhere, Diabolic Edict, Final Payment, and gained plenty of life via Seeker of the Way. Thoughtcast proved to be the all-star for Grixis Metalcraft. Game 2 - Midlife Orzhov led with Gift of Orhzova on Seeker of the Way to start unbalancing life totals while Grizis Metalcraft started floundering in a mana flood. Midlife Orzhov got did 12 points of damage, though plenty of mana meant that Grixis Metalcraft could eventually start dropping Bleak Coven Vampires with plenty of back up resources for Ghostly Flicker. Eventually Grixis Metalcraft's card draw game helped it find enough removal to clear the board and win by turning its creatures sideways.